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Social Media


Your Business  

For all of its potential, it takes time and know-how to make it work for you. That's where LittleBox Social comes in. Our mission is to provide top-notch, customized social media management for small to medium size businesses. We do it in a way that makes it affordable to start and profitable to continue.

So whether you bake the best baguette in the business or you're the most amazing landscape designer in town, you do that. Social media? We got this. We're LittleBox Social. That's what we do. 

Have a look below- we'll show you how.

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Services- What We Do and How We Do it

So you already know this: you absolutely, positively need to be out there on social media. But doing it yourself takes time, and it's hard to know just what the right moves really are. So here's the thing. You're really good at running your business. We're really good at social media. Hmmm- anything come to mind?

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We're LittleBox Social- Pleased to Meet You!

LittleBox Social was founded on a basic idea: small to medium size business can compete with anyone-- and win-- as long as the playing field is level and everyone plays by the same rules. Find out the how, why's and wherefore's, and what we value on the 'About' page.

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Resources: Articles & Information You Can Use

For small to medium sized business owners there's a lot to know about using social media to attract and keep customers. Here, Jenny shares some inside baseball on everything Social Media 101 to S.E.O. and more.

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Contact Us: We'd love to hear from you- really!

Call, text, email- Skype or Facetime if you want! No mater how you choose to reach out, we actually love hearing from people. And don't be too surprised when a real, live human being responds. It's just how we are. Because when we say we're in this together, we actually mean it. 

What our clients want you to know

Pauline P

Massage Therapist

Jenny does AMAZING work! I can't say enough about her and the skill set she brings to small businesses. Whatever business adventures I undertake, I'm bringing Jenny with me!!!

Kris O'Brien

KOB Event Solutions

Littlebox Social is the right match for my company and my needs.   I don’t have a regular schedule, as I grow my company, my needs change and Jenny and LittleBox Social are flexible and adaptable to my needs.   Jenny is a great partner for small businesses.

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