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Quick Start

If you want fast results, the LittleBox Social QuickStart program may be just for you. helps small businesses interested in establishing or refreshing their Social Media presence in a fast and efficient way.


We work with you to assess your specific situation and goals, and then within 15 Days, get your selected channels up and running. The program supports you for the next 75 days, during which we create content, increase your following base and make sure that you are ready to take on the day to day management of your social media strategy. Or if you’d rather, you can continue to work with us on a month- to month management basis.  


  1. Consultation

  2. Social Media Report Card

  3. Full Strategy Recomendation

  4. Profile Setup with One Channel 

  5. We Post, Tweet, Share, Pin, and link for you

  6. Grow your followers!

  7. Evaluation report



Interested? Let's Talk! 
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