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Consulting & Training 

Sometimes, you just need a little extra help with social media for your business. We offer consulting services ranging from developing an overall strategy to training your team how to be great digital ambassadors, and everything in between. 


  1. Review your marketing plan and translate it into a social media strategy.

  2. Develop a social media campaign for special events or promotions

  3. Complete a Target Demographic Analysis and recommendations to reach more customers on social

  4. Create a social media policy for your team

  5. Create a reputation management protocol to help when negative reviews and comments happen


  1. Conduct a Social Media Audit of all of your social media accounts and make recommendations 

  2. Help you develop your digital writing skills

  3. Help you solve a specific problem or meet a specific goal such as a new product/service introduction or improve your online review scores


  1. Provide Social Media 101 training- the basics focused on how small business 

  2. Provide training on digital tools to make social media management easy

  3. Provide training on how to read a social media insights and analytics report

  4. Provide training and templates on “how to” manage your own social media posting

  5. Custom training sessions based on your needs


  • Consulting and coaching are provided on a flat hourly rate, based on project requirements. 

  • Training sessions are priced based on topic and # of attendees. 1-2 hour training sessions for up to 10 attendees typically cost $200. 

Interested? Let's Talk! 
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